Hill Country Recovery


On August 8, 2016 Tavo’s Towing got dispatched to a call that came in at 1:30 pm for a rolled over tandem axle dump truck north of Uvalde on county road 405. Dispatched 2 heavy duty recovery wreckers, along with safety supervisor and 2 heavy duty riggers. Arrived at ranch gate at 3:00 pm and waited for an escort to the recovery location. We arrived at location by 3:45 pm, casualty was on its side about 20ft down embankment, we proceeded to rig up to roll dump truck into its wheels. We used unit 227 to winch on the steering axle and unit 307 to winch on bed of the truck for recovery. We got the truck on its wheels at 4:45 pm. We then proceeded to winch truck up embankment and onto ranch road to transport unit back to yard. At 5:00 pm we rigged up to start winching the dump truck out of the embankment. Unit 227 was used to winch truck forward and unit 307 to keep truck from rolling over. After getting truck close to road way, we had to move our recovery units to get better leverage on casualty. We then winched front end of casualty onto asphalt then used unit 307 to sling shot rear of truck onto road way. Truck was back on road at 6:40 pm. We then used unit 227 to hook up casualty for transport. Rolled down the ranch road to turn around at 7:00 pm, headed out of scene at 7:10 pm. We removed the driveline before getting on Hwy 55, then proceeded to the gravel company’s yard in Crystal City, delivered unit at 9:10 pm, all trucks back in service at 9:30 pm.

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