Loaded Liquid Petroleum Tanker Recovery


On October 9, 2015 Tavo’s Towing got dispatched to recovery an over turned tanker loaded with liquefied Petroleum near Los Angeles, Texas. The recovery was challenging not only because the tanker was loaded but also because we had water on one side and a fence line on the other. This limited the angles we had to rig up for recovery.

We used our 2007 Peterbilt 50 ton century 9055 and our 2007 Kenworth single axle Jerrdan 25 ton. First we used both units to drag truck and trailer about 20 feet back to allow space for rigging and create better angle. We then rigged up the 50 ton to lift loaded tanker to cradle the side of tank with 4×6 blocks to change the angle of the lift and get tanker about 2-3 feet off the ground.

Then we rigged the 50 ton to do a single lane rollover with one winch line on the rear bumper and the second winch line going to a flat strap to landing gear to wrap around tank to create the rotation. On the front the 25 ton had one winch line to steering axle and one to a flat strap going around tanker to rear trailer axle. All lines were doubled up with snatch blocks to assist in weight distribution to each line.

We also used our 2011 Dodge Ram 3500 as a catch truck to keep tanker from going over after it was on its wheels due to liquid shifting. After truck was on its wheels we were rigged up to transport it to our vehicle storage facility in Carrizo Springs, TX.

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